College Fellows

In 1990, Attorneys David S. Willenzik, Maury B. Poscover, and  Ernest Bland Williams III, engaged in a discussion about beginning a new organization and ultimately agreed that the idea for a college had merit.  They met several times to discuss the mission of such an organization and how they could make the idea a reality. “[We] were talking about a desire to create an entity that gave recognition, not only to those who were good lawyers in the field of commercial finance, but who contributed to the profession and to their communities,” Poscover says. For Willenzik, “To be a member of the College, you have to be one of these super lawyers who is constantly doing good things.”

It was decided early on that the College’s members would carry the title of Fellows to indicate the collegial nature of the organization.  Today the College includes almost 300 prestigious members, and others who have been among its ranks since the College's inception in 1990.  

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