2018-2020 Committees

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2019-2020 Executive Committee
Norman M. Powell, President
Pamela J. Martinson, President-Elect 
R. Marshall Grodner, Vice President
Cathy L. Reece, Treasurer
Patrick (Buzz) A. Guida, Secretary
Penelope L. Christophorou, Past President

Fellows Nominating Committee
Kenneth Chin (Chair)
Kimberly S. Winick (2017-2018 Chair) 
Javier Arreola E.
Kyriakoula Hatjikiriakos

Neal J. Kling
Bridget Marsh

Lawrence Safran

Regents Nominating Committee
Alison Manzer (Chair)
Thomas S. Hemmendinger
Janet M. Nadile

Officers Nominating Committee
Immediate Past President -- Sylvia Chin (Chair)
Members – the last five Presidents [a list of all past Presidents who are Fellows can be accessed here]

Harry C. Sigman Special Service/Homer Kripke Achievement Award Committee
Three Past Presidents:
Sylvia Fung Chin
[2017-2018 President](Chair)
Peter H. Carson [2016-2017 President]

Steven N. Leitess [2015-2016 President]

Two Regents: 
Kristen David Adams
Cathy L. Reece

Grant Gilmore Award Committee
Melissa Jacoby (Chair)
William H. Henning
John F. Hilson

Website/Content Committee
Pamela Martinson (Chair)
Patrick "Buzz" Guida
Darrell Pierce
Gregory R. Fox 
DG&A (ex officio, College administration)

2019 Annual Dinner Committee (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
Donald G. Bird
Neal J. Kling
Alison R. Manzer
DG&A (ex officio, College administration)

Scholarship Promotion Committee
Juliette Moringiello (Chair)
Kristen David Adams

Sylvia Fung Chin
Daniel S. Kleinberger
Jonathan C. Lipson
Stephen L. Sepinuck