2016-2017 Committees

2016-17 Executive Committee
Peter Carson, President
Sylvia Chin, President-Elect 
Penelope Christophorou, Vice President
Norman Powell, Treasurer
Pam Martinson, Secretary
Steven Leitess, Past President

Fellows Nominating Committee
Thomas Hemmendinger (Chair)
Cathy L. Reece [2015-2016 Chair, Regent]
Carolyn Alford
Michael Avidon
Rew Goodenow
Scott Lessne
Alison Manzer
Kimberly Winick

Regents Nominating Committee
Barbara Goodstein (Chair)
Donald Bird

Darrell Pierce

2017-2018 Officers Nominating Committee
Immediate Past President -- Peter H. Carson (Chair)
Members – all past Presidents [a list of all past Presidents can be accessed here]

2017-2018 Special Service/Homer Kripke Award Committee
Three Past Presidents:
Peter Carson
[2016-2017 President](Chair)
Steven Leitess [2015-2016 President]
Lynn Soukup [2014-2015 President]

Two Regents: 
Patrick (Buzz) Guida
Vicki Tucker

Grant Gilmore Award Committee
Juliet Moringiello (Chair)
Carl Bjerre
Neil Cohen

Website/Content Committee
Steve Leitess (Chair)
Peter Carson
Marshall Grodner (VP-Content)
Patrick Guida
Pam Martinson
DG&A (ex officio, College administration)

2017 Fall Dinner Committee (Chicago)

DG&A (ex officio, College administration)

2018 Annual Dinner Committee 

DGA (ex officio, College administration)